Assume you are the nurse practitioner providing primary care for Mrs. D’Angelo based on this case study. Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides. The title and reference slides are not counted among the slides. To support this Assignment, you must have 5 peer-reviewed scholarly references that are no more than 5 years old. Please address each of the grading criteria listed below. In APA 6th edition format, include the Grading Criterion as a subheading in your paper.

Discuss the role of the advanced practice nurse in facilitating Mrs. D’Angelo’s end-of-life care and advance directives.
Discuss the importance of advance directives in this case study by comparing and contrasting the various types of advance directives.
Describe how you would broach the subject of advance directives with Mrs. D’Angelo.
Identify two ethical principles and two legal issues concerning Mrs. D’Angelo’s end-of-life and palliative care that may arise if advance directives are not addressed at this time.
Describe the communication strategies you will employ as a nurse practitioner in order to effectively engage and collaborate with other members of the intraprofessional healthcare team as well as Mrs. D’Angelo’s family.