The graded discussion topic for this week is related to the following Course Outcomes: (COs).

CO2 Apply research principles to the interpretation of published research studies’ content. (Positions 4 and 8)

CO4 Assess the credibility and laboratory significance of published nursing research in relation to evidence-based practice. (Positions 4 and 8)

CO5 Recognize the importance of research results in evidence-based practice. (Positions 7 and 8)

Get access to the following data. The PDF can be read online or downloaded.

Association of American Nurses (2014). Quick facts: Growth, salaries, education, demographics, and trends in the nursing workforce in 2014. ANA.… (This is a link to another website.) External links are provided.

Examine the secondary data presented in the ANA Fast Facts and explain what the findings reveal about this sample of the nursing workforce.

Describe the ANA’s motivation for disclosing these results