NUR2349 Professional Nursing Module 1 Discussion Common Hazards Take some time to research the many hazards that you will face as you take care of your patient. Describe one hazard that could harm you and/or you patient in the healthcare setting. What actions can nurses take to prevent harm to your patient or self?  NUR2349 Professional Nursing Module 2 Discussion Mobility that Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle Mobility can have either a positive or negative impact on our patient’s lives. You are the nurse of an older adult who is being discharged and need to provide education for the promotion of safe ambulation. How can mobility promote a healthy lifestyle? NUR2349 Professional Nursing Module 9 Discussion High Tolerance due to Chronic Pain You are caring for a patient that has a high pain tolerance due to chronic pain and does not look like they are in pain. What would you do if they asked for more pain medication? NUR2349 Professional Nursing Module 10 Discussion Importance of Thermoregulation You have had the opportunity to review thermoregulation as is pertains to the human body. With this discussion, you will need to explain what thermoregulation is and why is it important? Purchase this Tutorial.