Assume that management at your future workplace assigns you the task of making a formal presentation to your team about a workplace ethical quandary they may face. You consider a suitable professional code of conduct, but only to the extent that it may provide useful guidance in this situation. The main task is to assist everyone in working productively together to resolve difficult issues.

Complete the management task and create an audio-visual presentation that applies a professional code of ethics to common workplace situations for this assessment. Submit your work in the courseroom submission box as a narrated visual presentation. You could create a series of annotated PowerPoint slides, for example, while recording the audio portion of your work with Adobe Connect. If you are more comfortable with other presentation software, you may use it as long as your submission meets all of the assessment’s requirements.

Instructions for Assessment
Incorporate the following elements into your narrated visual presentation:

In this workplace situation, apply a professional code of ethics.
Examine the benefits and drawbacks of the chosen professional code of ethics.
Describe methods for productively resolving ethical disagreements.
Describe areas where you disagree with professional standards.