CO8: Discuss the role of evidence-based practice in professional nursing care delivery. (PO8)

Choose a difficult nursing care issue (examples include falls, medication errors, pressure ulcers, and other clinical issues that can be improved by evidence in nursing). Do not choose a medical issue (disease, medical treatment). Selecting a workforce issue is not a good idea (staffing, call-offs, nurse to patient ratios). Explain the following in relation to the chosen clinical issue.

Describe the problem.
This week in the thread, we’re focusing on a nursing issue and addressing it with evidence-based practice (EBP). PLEASE DO NOT POST ABOUT STAFFING OR OTHER WORKFORCE ISSUES. This should be treated as a clinical problem.
You expected to post on two different parts of the thread. Choose a clinical nursing issue that interests you or is relevant to your practice area first. It could be something you’re passionate about or something you’re just curious about.
The second section follows. Describe how you would conduct a library search for a nursing journal article. This is a question about the procedure. Follow the steps. If you want to cite an article you found, that’s fine; however, you could cite the article you’re using for your professional paper. In the discussions, APA Format is not graded, but please provide enough information to locate the reference. I’m excited to hear about any nursing issues that are important to you!