Analyze each Intervention Scenario and describe the leadership, communication, and management strategies that you believe would be most effective in each case.

To organize your Response Plan outline for each situation, use the subheadings listed below.

Change Theory: Describe the concepts of change theory and how it can be used to manage situations.
Determine which elements of change theory are most appropriate for the scenario.
How can you apply change theory to conflict resolution?
Strategies and justification: Describe an effective leadership style that you would use to solve a problem.
Explain why you chose a leadership strategy to solve a problem.
Identify possible solutions to the problem.
Expected Outcome: Explain how the outcomes or success of the style chosen for each situation could be measured.
Describe how you might be able to determine improved outcomes or measure the success of the leadership style chosen for each situation.
What could go wrong, and how would you handle it?
Professional Standards: Describe how professional and legal standards guide an effective nurse leader’s decision-making