Make a date with yourself to do something that demonstrates how important you are to you. Allow yourself as much time as you need to complete this activity, and then record your thoughts as follows: Create a two-page paper that includes the following headings:

Describe the activity (2 points)
Describe why you chose this activity (1 point)
Describe what the term “caring for oneself” means and how it is addressed in the ANA Code of Ethics; incorporate the literature on caring for oneself from your current readings of Mayeroff, Roach, Boykin, and Schoenhofer, as well as two other references from the vast nursing literature on caring for oneself. A minimum of five references (5 points)
Describe how this activity contributed to your overall sense of well-being (5 points)
For the title page and the reference page, use the APA format (2 points)