Discuss the work of the Institute of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative on the Future of Nursing. Create a scholarly paper that meets the following criteria for this assignment:

2. Explain what theory is and what it is used for.


3. Define the nursing metaparadigm and discuss it.


a. Describe each of the four concepts that make up the nursing metaparadigm in detail.


4. Describe how theory is important in nursing practice.


a. give and discuss two current-practice instances


5. The length of the scholarly paper, omitting the title and reference pages, should be 4-5 pages.


6. Include headings for level 1 and level 2.


7. The work should start with an introduction paragraph that includes a statement of aim. The first paragraph and the


The purpose statement informs the reader about the topic of the paper/assignment.


8. A conclusion should be included in the document.


9. Write the paper in the third person, not the first (i.e., don’t use the words ‘we’ or ‘I’).


10. Include at least three professional peer-reviewed nursing journal references