NR504 Leadership and Nursing Practice: Role Development Week 5 Assignment  Leading a Culture of Excellence Paper Part II Part II: Written Paper In a three- to four- page paper, address the elements below. Use a minimum of four peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within 5 years, to support your work. See the rubric for specific, required content criteria within each section of the paper. Provide an introduction to the paper. Discuss the characteristics of a culture of excellence. Present the mission, vision, and values of a selected organization, and explain the interrelationships between each element in the concept map. Describe how the mission, vision, and values do or do not support a culture of excellence. Discuss application of two specific leadership strategies that promote a culture of excellence, and how they support the Chamberlain Care Model®. Provide a conclusion to the paper. Preparing the Assignment Criteria for Format and Special Instructions Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing Academic Integrity Policy. Part II: Using Microsoft Word 2013, create the written paper for this assignment. Include a title page with your name, date, and course information, as well as a reference page. The paper (excluding title and reference pages) should be three to four pages in length. A minimum of four peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within 5 years, are required. Sources older than 5 years may not be used without the permission of the class professor. Only one short quote (15 words or less) may be used within the body of your writing. Title page, pagination, subheadings, body of paper, citation of sources, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the current edition of the manual. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure are followed and consistent with formal, scholarly writing as noted in the APA Manual (current edition).First person may only be used in the self-reflection portion of the assignment (see Conclusion section for criteria).  Purchase this Tutorial.