I have no idea where to begin and would appreciate some assistance. Following the scenario and the assignment instructions, it has to be 10-20 slides in Microsoft PowerPoint and voice recording, but I would prefer detailed notes on the bottom of the slides instead of the recording, so I know what I will actually record. It must be completed by tonight, September 2, 2013, at 10 p.m. Scenario You have been hired as a consultant to assist the Southwestern Hospital Group (SHG) in its acquisition of the Western Arizona Thoracic Care Hospital (WATCH). WATCH is a 300-bed facility with about 1,500 full-time employees. The for-profit SHG group purchased this independent hospital in order to modernize and streamline WATCH. By purchasing WATCH, SHG’s cash flow could be used to modernize and streamline the WATCH facility, generating a profit for the SHG chain. WATCH is configured with a Windows NT domain that includes a primary domain controller (PDC) and a secondary domain controller (SDC) (two of each controller). It has two Linux servers that serve as print servers and provide Domain Name System (DNS) services. There are two Apache Web servers that perform intranet and Internet functions. The WATCH Internet site is primarily a static Web site that provides contact and facility information to the community in order to promote WATCH services. The internal intranet is primarily used to communicate hospital policies and procedures. Employees can also update their information on WATCH’s website. WATCH currently has several domains. Domain controllers, Linux DNS servers, Apache Web servers, and ten host computers comprise the administrative domain. Accounts payable, as well as employee payroll and benefits processing, fall under the purview of the bookkeeping domain. This domain has 50 client machines that are connected to an Oracle database. The billing domain is responsible for patient data, accounts receivable, Linux print servers, and 60 client computers. The patient records domain is housed in an internal hospital data system that runs SQL Server 7.0 Service Pack 3. (SP3). Users believe that the system is nearing the end of its useful life. The proprietary system data, which is approximately 7 terabytes in size, is stored on an AS400. There are three hosts in each of the ten nurses’ stations and an additional 12 workstations deployed at various WATCH locations, for a total of 42 hosts in the nursing domain. Backup is currently handled by Automated Tape Library DLT Drives storage backup, which can back up up to 10 terabytes of data. WATCH will be integrated into SHG’s network infrastructure, and the administrative domain will be centralized in San Diego. SHG’s network is a Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory network. The patient records application will eventually be merged into SHG’s DB3 database, which is hosted on mainframes at the administrative site in San Diego. SHG wants to get WATCH to use its wireless patient records and tracking application, which uses Palm handheld devices, as soon as possible in order to eliminate paper patient records. You will be in charge of an eight-person team of administrators and network engineers, including three WATCH administrators and five other contractor network engineers who specialize in network migration and setup. Assignment: You have been tasked with creating and delivering a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to your team about the WATCH network upgrade and integration into SHG’s Active Directory forest. Because your team is dispersed geographically, you must create the slides and record the presentation so that when you distribute it to your team, they can watch and listen to the recording to understand the upgrade and integration. You must complete the following tasks: • Describe how the existing WATCH networking standards, protocols, and access methods can be integrated. • Determine the most appropriate protocols and access standards to use while preserving existing functionality in the billing department, intranet, or existing Internet site. These features will be migrated later, but for the time being, your team only requires migration plans for administrative and bookkeeping functions.