The nursing process is a tool that allows knowledge to be put into practical application. Nurses can determine the health care needs of an individual and provide them with personalized care by employing this systematic problem-solving method.

Describe cancer and the approach to care that you would take if you were using the nursing process in your paper (1,750-2,000 words). Make sure to include the following information in your paper:

Describe the process of cancer diagnosis and staging.
Disseminate information about at least three cancer complications, as well as the side effects of treatment and methods for reducing physical and psychological consequences.
What factors contribute to the yearly incidence and mortality rates of various cancers in the United States are discussed in this section.
Describe how the American Cancer Society (ACS) might be able to provide education and support to cancer patients. What ACS services would you recommend, and why do you think they are important?
Provide an explanation of how the nursing process is used to provide safe and effective care for cancer patients throughout their entire lives. Include each of the five phases in your explanation, as well as examples of how holistic and patient-centered care is delivered.
Discuss how undergraduate education in liberal arts and science studies contributes to the foundation of nursing knowledge and prepares nurses to work with patients while utilizing the nursing process as a framework for discussion. Interdisciplinary research is a field that encompasses mathematics, social and physical sciences, as well as science studies.
In order to complete this assignment, you must cite a minimum of four different sources. It is necessary that the sources be published within the last 5 years, be appropriate for the assignment criteria, and be relevant to nursing practice in order to be considered.

Prepare this assignment in accordance with the guidelines contained in the APA Style Guide, which can be found in the Student Success Center. It is not necessary to submit an abstract.

This assignment is graded according to a rubric. To ensure that you understand the expectations for a successful completion of this assignment, please review the rubric before beginning.

You must submit this assignment to LopesWrite in order to receive credit. If you require assistance, please see the LopesWrite Technical Support articles.

Information Regarding Benchmarks

The following programmatic competencies are being evaluated in this benchmark assignment:


2.1: Incorporate liberal arts and science studies into one’s understanding of nursing.

3.1 Employ the nursing process to provide patients with safe and effective care throughout their lives.

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