You will prepare an 8–10-page proposal for this assessment that summarizes findings, aligns the appropriate data with the organization’s strategic goals, identifies current trends in data analytics, and provides recommendations for next steps based on your assessment of the organization’s readiness to proceed. You should feel free to use relevant aspects of previous assessments in this course to assist you in completing this assessment.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate your proposal:

Explain recommendations for changes to an organization’s health information management system in terms of technology and logistics.
Describe how data products and recommendations’ outcomes align with an organization’s administrative and clinical goals.
Examine how current data analysis trends can be used to improve current organizational practices.
Recommend best practices for data collection, data storage, and data analytics conversion into useful and understandable deliverables.
To target proposal messaging to stakeholders, use relevant evidence and best practices.
Proposal should be communicated in a professional, clear, and concise manner.
Integrate relevant sources to back up assertions, properly formatting citations and references in accordance with current APA style.