Assume the county health department alerts your organization to the fact that a large number of immigrants are expected to be resettled in your area. The organization assigns each department the task of preparing for the influx of immigrants in order to be prepared to handle any health concerns of the population. Your supervisor has asked you to prepare an impact report on the population’s pharmacological needs, which will be shared with other departments.

As you prepare your impact report, complete the following tasks:

Choose one of the global areas listed below as the origin of the population.
Africa’s Sub-Saharan region.
The Dominican Republic
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Pakistan. \sMexico.
Investigate the most common health concerns and issues for immigrants from your chosen global area, as well as the pharmacological treatments that will most likely be prescribed and any cultural values or traditional practices that may have an impact on patient outcomes.
Once you’ve determined which population you’ll be using for this assessment, include the following information in your impact report:

Describe the population’s health concerns and issues.
Describe the most recent pharmacological treatment regimens for the most important health concerns and issues.
Describe any traditional beliefs and practices related to the health concerns and issues. Is the population using culturally based methods to address the health issue?
Explain how cultural values and traditional practices may influence acceptance and use of pharmacological treatments. Consider the relationship between quality patient outcomes, patient safety, and appropriate pharmacology use.
Determine evidence-based, culturally sensitive strategies that the organization can use to educate the public on the proper use of pharmacology treatments.
Identify evidence-based, culturally sensitive strategies for promoting health and wellness that nursing staff can use with the population.
Write this assessment as an impact report in the same format as other similar reports in your organization or another organization with which you are familiar. Include a title page and a reference page, and use APA style for in-text citations and references.

Additional Prerequisites
Page count: 3—5
A minimum of three current scholarly or professional resources.
12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced