NURS6221 Managing Human Resources Week 7 Assignment (Module 3)Evaluating Performance Management Systems Note: You will begin this Assignment in Week 5 and it will be due by Day 7 of Week 7. Plan your time accordingly. Depending on your experience in healthcare, and other fields as well, you may be familiar with a performance management system or primarily with one aspect of assessing performance, the annual performance review. As a critical distinction from the annual review, performance management goes beyond a list of skills to rate or expected behaviors to check off, to a larger consideration of goals to reach and specific improvement strategies to implement. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto Gaining understanding and perspective on a nurse executive’s role in performance management is the purpose of this Module 3 Assignment. To help inform your thinking and both the opportunities and challenges of performance management, you will gain firsthand information through an interview with a nursing professional whose responsibilities include those you will assume as a nurse executive. Follow the guidelines for this Assignment as provided in the overview documents. You are encouraged to give yourself adequate time to reflect on your interviewee’s responses, the better to support you in assuming this aspect of the work of a nurse executive. To Prepare: Review the Learning Resources on performance management for support in preparing for your interview with the human resources nurse manager. Access and review the Performance Management System Interview Guidelines and Questions document for guidance on selecting a nurse executive to interview, and on planning, conducting, and analyzing the interview responses. Note: You are required to complete and submit Page 2 of this Guidelines document in a Word file identified as “Interviewee Profile and Confirmation Signature.” Be sure to obtain the full signature of your nurse executive interviewee to confirm the individual’s participation. Initials and/or only first or last name are not sufficient. Access and review the Performance Management System Interview Matrix Summary Template. Consider how you can use this matrix to help organize information and conclusions from your interview. When you have completed the interview, reflect on the results, including background information on the professional, the healthcare organization, and performance management system. As needed, follow up with your interviewee by phone or e-mail to clarify answers and conclusions. Assignment: Part 1: Interview Matrix Summary Complete the Performance Management System Interview Matrix Summary, provided with the Assessment materials, to create a visual summary of the information gathered through your interview with the nurse executive. Part 2: Interview Reflection In a separate Word document, write 2–3 pages that reflect on the interview and your overall impressions. Include the following points in your reflection: Briefly describe the professional you interviewed, including title, years of experience, and his/her healthcare organization (e.g., size, location, special services). Note: Be mindful of your interviewee’s privacy in the details you provide. Explain the concept of “performance management” that guided your interview and the interviewee’s responses. Evaluate the healthcare organization’s performance management system for effectiveness, drawing on the interviewee’s assessment and your own observations and conclusions. Describe characteristics and/or factors that stand out to you as contributing to the system’s strengths and weaknesses. Describe actions, strategies, or approaches that you would recommend to address weaknesses in the system. Your Module 3 Assignment continues this week. As you prepare for your interview or reflect on the conversation you have held, draw on the information and insights you gain on performance reviews, what can make them particularly challenging, and how to promote a system for performance improvement that is inherently positive in its view of assessment and critique, and which communicates that assurance to employees. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto To Prepare: If you have not yet conducted your interview with a nurse executive on the performance management system in the individual’s healthcare organization, do so as soon as possible. Following the interview, reflect on the results, including background information on the professional, the healthcare organization, and performance management system. Consider how you would summarize information gained in the interview using the Matrix Template and your Reflection paper to provide a thorough description of the performance management system. Consider strengths and weaknesses of the system, as described by the interviewee and from your own analysis. Review the Learning Resources for supporting information to help in your understanding and evaluation of this performance management system and strategies and approaches for addressing its weaknesses.    Purchase this Tutorial.