The final assignment was designed to serve as the final draft of your short narrative draft that you submitted earlier this quarter. However, if you feel that there is another topic that you would like to write about or a pre-existing piece that you believe fits the criteria of the final assignment, you are welcome to submit that piece as your final submission. We encourage students to submit work that they are proud of because it may be published in our on-campus undergraduate journal, Narrative Pre-Health Journal. If your piece was accepted by the Journal, you will be notified via email, as well as if any additional edits are required before the Journal is published. 1. Microsoft Word as a file type (.docx or .doc). 2. Formatting: 1 inch margins, double spacing, Times New Roman, 12-point font. 3. Length: A 2-page minimum is required, but it can be extended (excluding poetry) 4. No part of the submission may be copied. If references are used, we ask that they be cited in MLA format. 5. Submissions must adhere to HIPAA patient privacy regulations if you are discussing someone other than yourself in a medical setting. To maintain patient confidentiality and privacy, we strongly encourage contributors to seek permission before submitting patient narratives and to fictionalize identifiable information. Visit for more information. 6. Suggestions for prompts: â— Illness Narrative: Write about a time when you or someone you care about was afflicted with a medical illness. â— Bioethics: Write about an ethical issue you encountered in a clinical setting. â— Social Justice: Describe a social injustice that you have encountered in the context of healthcare. â— Personal Statement: Why medicine, as opposed to nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and so on? â— Choose your own topic. If you can’t think of a personal experience, you can look at health-related videos, articles, essays, and so on. â— VERY IMPORTANT: If you do use or refer to outside sources, make sure that you are NOT simply summarizing what you have read, watched, etc., but that you are reflecting on/analyzing it in your narrative piece. Poetry, personal statements, expository writing, reflective writing, analytical writing, nonfiction, fiction, scripts, and letters are all possible genres. You can be creative here and format your writing to fit your story.