Read Chapter 8 and respond to the following questions in a 500-word essay. (Please adhere to APA norms and cite at least two sources)

1. Describe a case in which the nurse manager would apply problem-solving techniques at work. Describe a scenario in which a nurse manager would use negotiation to resolve a workplace issue (or prospective conflict).

2. Compare and contrast conflict-resolution strategies, beginning with informal negotiation and ending with formal negotiation.

3. Go to the American Nurses Association’s website to learn more about nurse collective bargaining. Nursing unions exist in which states? With another group of students, discuss the benefits of joining a union.

4. PART 1: Go to your state nurses association’s website and look up information on collective bargaining. In your state, look for news articles, union websites, and other recent information about nurse collective bargaining. Is there a lot of action in your state when it comes to collective bargaining? If not, what is the reason? If so, what are the main topics of discussion?