Choose at least one research study that employs your theory. Describe and critique their application of the concept.

The following are the paper’s suggested components: However, depending on your writing style or preference, the actual sequence or organisation of these components may differ.

Introduce the purpose of your paper, the theory, concept (phenomenon) of interest, and the rationale for your choice (30 percent ). Some rationale examples include:
Provide a definition for the concept that reflects your evaluation, synthesis, or summary of definitions from both the dictionary (Use only the Oxford English Dictionary) and literature. (5%
Determine the concept’s key aspects (key characteristics, dimensions, essence, or attributes).

All of these important aspects should be reflected in your definition of the concept and can be drawn from literature, books, clinical, personal, and theoretical experiences. (30%
Describe 1-3 examples of theories and concepts used in research studies. %20
Finish with a summary that includes implications for future research, formal investigation, or clinical application. Exhibit appropriate professional writing skills, such as APA style, grammar, and punctuation. 10%