NR351 Transitions in Professional Nursing Week 7 Discussion Leaders and Systems-Based Practice Purpose The purpose of this discussion is for learners to discuss how they will use systems-based practice to grow in the role of nursing leader. Course Outcome This discussion enables the student to meet the following course outcome: CO 1: Plan leadership strategies within systems-based practice. (PO 2) Directions Discussions are designed to promote dialogue between faculty and students, and students and their peers. In discussions students: Demonstrate understanding of concepts for the week Integrate scholarly resources Engage in meaningful dialogue with classmates Express opinions clearly and logically, in a professional manner Use the rubric on this page as you compose your answers. Discussion – Leaders use systems-based practice to empower other nurses. Considering your current or former clinical setting, share how you will use principles of systems-based practice to grow in your role as a leader in nursing. Include a scholarly outside source to support your answer. Purchase this Tutorial.