Demonstrate knowledge of development, cognition, psychological, cultural, and physiological aspects of life.

processes that a woman goes through from the start of menstruation until the end of her reproductive years, and

Menopause is the final stage. (PO No. 1)

CO #4: Initiate the use of suitable services based on mutually identified health-care needs with clients.

their respective family units (PO No. 2)

CO #5: Work with childbearing clients and their families to improve communication and therapeutic relationships.

in acute care and outpatient settings during the perinatal period (PO #3)

CO #7: Make a plan to achieve your personal, professional, and educational objectives, which should include a review of your options.

organizations that are important to these clients in the healthcare field (PO No. 5)

CO #8: Provide perinatal clients and their families with nursing care in a variety of nurse responsibilities, as needed.

acknowledging the need of a holistic approach to healing