The topic of the paper is The Epidemiology of the Vulnerable: The Mentally Ill with Drug Addiction. Please follow all instructions and include all research related to this topic. Instructions are provided below.

Using the epidemiological triangle, define the epidemiology of the disease or condition for the selected vulnerable population.
Based on the information you have gathered, analyze the epidemiological steps and methods:
Data that is routine (e.g., demographic, census, birth, death, and surveillance records)
Data from research (e.g., medical and health records)
Data from epidemiology (e.g., surveys specific to your topic)
Analyze the population and disease or condition of interest by:
Conducting a thorough assessment of the population and disease, as well as analyzing how the characteristics of these selections influence population vulnerability.
Analyzing how cultural factors may influence health issues in the selected population.
Analyzing the legal and ethical issues that must be addressed when working with the chosen population.
Analyzing how to manage potential conflict with personal values and biases during interactions with diverse populations.
Examine how evidence-based nursing can help guide the decision-making process for the chosen topic.
Examine the connection between the disease or condition and the various levels of prevention.
Prevention is a possibility.
Prevention evaluation