The purpose of this assignment is for students to:

Critically review data analysis reports in health care research literature.

In the past several weeks, all have participated in several discussion questions that asked you to find a research article, briefly summarize it, and report the statistic which we were studying. In addition, you were asked to discuss whether the assumptions of the test were met and if the type of data was appropriate for the statistical test. For this assignment, we are asking you to revisit these discussions and provide a more in-depth analysis of the data report section. Please check with your mentor if you would like to select a different paper.

The three types of statistics we will focus on include:
nonparametric Tests;
t-Tests; and

Note that we will not be reviewing ANOVA, MANOVA, or Regression for this assignment.

Each student will write a paper using APA Style format that demonstrates critical analysis of existing health science research. The final paper will be a maximum of 8-10 pages (excluding title page and reference page. A level heading layout template that you are required to use can be found in the “Course Documents” folder at the top section of the course website. This template is designed so that you address the following content areas. Link attached: If you can not access the link, please let me know and I will copy/past the information.

Section I: A Review of the Data Analysis
In this section you are asked to asked to provide a discussion of the following elements (for EACH of the areas noted above i.e.,nonparametric, t-test, correlation):

Research Problem: What is the problem or question(s) this research concerns?
Data Collection and Source: Give a brief overview of how the data were collected. What is the source of the data? (i.e., questionnaire, physiological data, existing statistical information, etc.). In some studies there are two or more sources of data.
Variables: List the independent and dependent variables.
Sample Size Estimation: Discuss sample size estimation. Consider the following:
Was a power analysis conducted?
Was the sample size appropriate for the statistical test? Why or why not?
Appropriateness of Statistic: Describe the statistic used to measure study hypotheses. Is this appropriate?
Were assumptions met?
Is the level of measurement appropriate?
Data Display: Discuss how data were displayed (i.e., graphs, tables).
Were these appropriate? Why or why not?

Section II: Understanding the Data
Provide a discussion as to why nurses “avoid” reading the data analysis section of a research report and why understanding of statistics is critical to evaluation of the literature.

HERE is the grading rubric for the paper:
1. Analysis Review: Nonparametric
2. Data Analysis Review: T-test
3. Data Anaylysis Review: Correlation
• Research problem
• Data collection and source
• Variables
• Sample size estimation
• Appropriateness of statistic
• Data Display

20% for each test and
All elements of the data analysis review section are clearly and accurately described with supportive resources.
Provide an articulate, clear discussion of why understanding the data analysis section of a research report is important to a nurse in an advanced role.

The document is properly formatted, regarding margins and spacing, and is consistent with all APA requirements, that is, it has: a properly formatted title page; at least three properly formatted scholarly references (or as directed in the assignment); all required, properly formatted, in-text citations.

It should be logically and well organized and usage of correct grammar.