This is due by the end of Module 6 for this Course on Monday at midnight PST.

Remember to name your files FirstInitial.LastName M01.docx when submitting your work. J.Smith M01.docx is a good example. It is not necessary to type in the file extension manually; it will be appended automatically.

Begin by reading and implementing the following steps:

1. To help you focus, quickly read through the questions or assignment below, as well as the assignment rubric.

2. Go over the required textbook chapter(s) as well as any additional recommended resources. Some answers may necessitate further investigation on the Internet or in other reference sources. Select your sources with caution.

3. Take into account the discussions and any conclusions drawn from them.

4. Create your Assignment submission and make sure to cite your sources, use APA style as needed, and double-check your spelling.


This week’s assignment will be an APA paper with references.