NU605 Concepts in Nursing Leadership Week 5 Assignment  A Plan to Resolve Conflict and Promote Collaboration Imagine that you are a leadership consultant. Use your example of conflict in your professional practice (from Week 4 Discussion 1: Conflict in the Workplace) and build on the readings, videos, and peer input you received. Critically analyze the situation and create a plan that would have helped to resolve the conflict and promote collaboration among the group. Your plan should include a minimum of five scholarly references not counting assigned texts, and be 7 to 8 pages long (page count does not include the cover or references list). Review your conflict scenario and include the following: Comprehension: Review the details of the conflict scenario, identifying the type and effects of the conflict. Application: Relate course content on delegation, empowerment, group dynamics, and constructive group roles and behaviors to the identified conflict scenario. Analysis/Synthesis: Clarify understanding of the internal and external variables contributing to the conflict. Create a plan that would have helped to resolve the conflict and promote a high- functioning health care team. Evaluation: Summarize the value of effective conflict- resolution skills for the nurse leader. Purchase this Tutorial.