St. Francis Nursing Home’s Director Team has been tasked with developing and implementing a nurse retention program. Nursing staff believed that their administration did not completely comprehend a nurse’s job responsibilities and did not give a means for nurses to voice their complaints about the workplace. Nurses are departing at an alarming rate because morale is low. They have a 22 percent turnover rate right now.

Apply the steps of the decision-making process to the scenario presented above.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with 7 to 12 slides that covers the following topics:

Determine the goal.
Recognize the difficulties that come with being a manager.
Establish the criteria.
Describe the objectives you hope to attain as a manager.
The criteria should be weighed.
As a manager, rank the goals in order of significance.
Look for alternatives.
Examine many methods a manager might utilize to motivate his or her employees.
Examine how these methods can be used by a leader to motivate employees.
Explain how managers and leaders motivate their employees in different ways.
Explain how managers can empower their employees.
Experiment with different options.
Examine how positive modeling can be applied in this circumstance, as well as the modeling options accessible.
Examine how managers might include mentorship into their regular tasks.
Explain how to deal with employee opposition.
Describe the obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your objectives.
Assess the situation.
To ensure success, consider how goals will be measured.
Examine the ethical issues that arise in management and leadership.
Explain any other management actions that must be made in order to increase employee morale in the scenario.
Examine how the decisions’ success will be measured.