Could you please assist me in writing the same assignment as the one listed below? However, this time, the emphasis will be on communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS. In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC) (DRC).

This section of the assignment, titled “Health Promotion Intervention Plan,” is described in greater detail below. During the first few weeks of this course, the topic of health promotion was identified as Health Literacy in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A number of times, I’ve volunteered as a missionary nurse in that area of the world. The following are my teacher’s comments on my second assignment, â€Gainesville-related. Your paper needed to be written in a more narrative style so that you could include references to back up your claims about why this is a significant project. However, you did not include references or explain why this project is important and relevant to your future role as an APRN in your outline form, so I will not accept it for this week. The importance of Health Literacy in Africa was not adequately discussed in this assignment, and I also failed to describe my role as an APN applying nursing theory to support the intervention plan that was due in the following assignment.

The following are some examples of health promotion issues that exist in the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of Congo: communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS). Poverty, prostitution, low levels of education, poor leadership, a lack of prevention, taboo, and corruption are all issues that are addressed in this report.

The fourth assignment is a course project entitled Health Promotion Intervention Plan.

Week 4 Project Task: Development of an Intervention Plan

The first few weeks of this course have seen you identify a health promotion issue and a potential intervention to address that issue. You have also completed a thorough review of the literature, and you will now incorporate that information into a plan for developing an intervention to address the health promotion problem. As you design the intervention, try to keep your attention on creating something that you will be able to evaluate later on in the project, which is the next and final step. Keep track of all of the feedback you receive from your instructor and incorporate it into your project at every stage.

Describe your strategies for addressing the primary concern in your community in a three-page Microsoft Word document.

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