HSN476 Healthcare Policy And Financial Management Week 2 Assignment  Payment Mode Analysis Nurses play a pivotal role in providing care within the boundaries of their organization’s budget. In order to become a leader in the field to improve quality care and reduce cost, you need to understand the nuances of the way health care organizations are paid. Complete the table to analyze each payment mode. Apply what you’ve learned to complete the activity following the table. Payment Mode Name Summary Strengths Weaknesses Fee for Service   Pay for Performance   Patient-Centered Medical Homes   Accountable Care Organizations   Bundled Payments   Global Budgets   Payment Mode Activity If you were the person in each of the following scenarios, which payment mode would you prefer? •   A 28-year-old with poorly controlled diabetes•             An elderly individual with multiple chronic conditions •   A pediatric neurosurgeon •  A registered nurse Provide a short rationale for each decision.  Purchase this Tutorial.