Choose one (1) of the interventions and write a two-page paper outlining how you envision incorporating that intervention into your practicum experience this semester. Please follow the APA format.

Choose from the following interventions:

Education is the provision of information to clients/populations in order for them to make informed health-related decisions.
Counseling: Assisting clients/populations in selecting viable health-care solutions.
Referral: Referring clients to the resources they require to meet their needs.
Role modeling is the practice of demonstrating desired behaviors in order to promote learning and change.
Case management is the coordination and selection of health care services to meet the needs of identified clients.
Coordination/care management: Organizing and integrating health-care delivery services to best meet the needs of the population.
Collaboration entails working together with clients/populations, other health care providers, and non-health sectors of society to solve client/population health problems.
Facilitating relationships between clients/populations and other health care providers or policymakers.
Case Finding/screening: Identifying individual cases of health problems or the prevalence and incidence of conditions in the population
Surveillance is the process of tracking the occurrence and trends of specific health problems in a population.
Policy development: Promoting and assisting in the development of social and health care policies that benefit the population’s health
Community mobilization: Assisting populations in identifying and implementing goals and strategies to improve health and promote health-promoting conditions.
Building coalitions: Assisting in the formation of alliances of individuals or groups to achieve health-related objectives.
Social marketing refers to the use of commercial marketing strategies to influence public attitudes or behaviors.
Encouragement of evidence-based practice: Critically examining scientific evidence to identify and effectively implement strategies that improve population health