Format: This is an APA-style essay based on the course APA Minimum Expectations. Essays must be structurally sound, with proper grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, spelling, punctuation, and logical, clear essay development (including introduction and conclusion).

Begin the paper by introducing yourself to the reader, including prelicensure background, years out of school, reasons for returning to school, current nursing practice specialty, and future plans. This journal is due on the date specified on the course calendar. The length of the paper is approximately 2-3 pages, excluding the cover and reference pages. References are not required.

Address the following topics as you begin to consider yourself as a nurse and as a member of this profession. Of course, you are free to include any additional topics that you believe are relevant to your personal philosophy:

1. About you: Significant experiences, people, and/or values that influenced your thoughts and opinions about nursing. What inspired you to become a nurse? Include your “why” in this section. Learner Type: How do you best LEARN/PROCESS INFORMATION?

a. Professional objectives. What do you want to be in five years? ten years?

b. Current social or political issues that are of particular professional interest to you

2. Define the terms “health” and “illness” for yourself.

3. Care recipients: Do you consider it a right or a privilege?

4. Roles of professional nursing in health care, as well as roles that do not fall under the purview of nursing.

5. Requirements for becoming a professional nurse

6. The Profession’s Future

7. Give an example of how nursing’s past has influenced its present and future.

8. Any additional information you w

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