1. Weak growth Products with a low market share are referred to as___________.


a. The stars


b. Profiteers


c. Canines


d. Not applicable


2. Boosting organizational performance “Alfred Sloan” popularized the “3S term” as a doctrine of


structure, strategy, and?


a. The system


b. Workaround


c. Exchange


d. Not applicable


3. Overburdening may occur if too many group members seek out an individual for assistance.


A solution to such a problem is_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


a. Organization in a linear fashion


b. Organization in a circle


c. Elliptical structure


d. Not applicable


4. NHS is an abbreviation for_________________.


5. ICU is an abbreviation for Internal Cure Union.




6. Among the managers, four levels of strategic consensus have been identified, with one level being the highest.


Managers who have been informed about the strategy but are unwilling to act are said to be in a state of inaction.




a. Unwavering devotion


b. Well-informed skepticism


c. Lack of agreement


d. Not applicable


7. OCB is an acronym that stands for Organizational Citizenship Behavior.




Health and Hospital Management Exam Paper




IIBM stands for the Institute of Business Management.


8. BPR is an abbreviation for business process reenforcement.




9. The best way to avoid conflict and, as a result, maintain relationships in the health care field


The organization’s name is_________________


a. Silence spiral


b. Solution web


c. Solution web


d. Not applicable


IPE is an abbreviation for inter-disciplinary education.




Part II:


1. Can you talk about the managerial issues in disaster management?


2. What exactly do you mean by the Outpatient Department (OPD)?


3. Can you write a brief note on Quality Assurance in a Hospital?


4. Briefly describe the importance and functions of the hospital’s housekeeping department.




Caselets (Section B) (40 marks)


This section is made up of Caselets.


Respond to all of the questions.


Each caselet is worth 20 points.


Your response should include detailed information

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