1. Locate the two articles attached by M. L. McHugh on the internet. Examine Figure 2 and its associated narrative in the first article (Part 1 Article). Explain briefly why the variable in that figure is at the ordinal level rather than the interval level.

Briefly summarize what is said in the second article (Part 2 Article) about the advantages and disadvantages of the mean, the impact of extreme scores, and the uses of the median and the mode.

The articles listed below are attached.

McHugh, M. L. (2003). Part I of Descriptive Statistics: Level of Measurement (Scientific Investigation) Journal for Pediatric Nursing Specialists, 8(1), 35–37.

McHugh, M. L. (2003). Part II of descriptive statistics: The most commonly used descriptive statistics. (Scientific Investigation) Journal of Pediatric Nursing Specialists, 8(3), pp. 111–116.

The two articles are attached to round out the set.