NURS4455 Nursing Leadership and ManagementModule 5 Assignment 1Overview: Organizational Analysis – Your ExperienceThe major assignment for this course is analysis of your organization. During the span of this course, you have been shadowing a nurse leader, observing and reflecting on skills, behaviors, and strategies that the leader exhibits. You have also been assessing and reflecting on your own leadership and management styles and skills. Now you will gather those thoughts in a more formal retrospective of your experience in the course. You may notice that the rubric for the previous assignment is similar to the rubric for this assignment. Keep in mind that the previous assignment you were presenting an analysis of the leader/manager that you shadowed and with this assignment you are presenting an analysis of the overall experience (which does include the time spent with your leader/manager).Objectives • Explain how organizations function. • Compare and contrast characteristics of leadership and management. • Apply trends, issues, theories, and evidence as guidelines for management decisions. • Evaluate effectiveness of communications patterns using specific management situations.  Please create a new word document with title page, body of paper, and references according to 7th ed APA to submit your work. Essential elements of scholarly writing: • Ensure correct grammar and spelling • Assignment should be submitted as an APA Paper, including title page and references. • Title page is required for this Assignment and the UTACON version is expected format. • 1-inch margins. • Please provide all references used to support your opinions and clarify positions in the paper.  The reference list begins on a separate page from the content.• Headings are expected and must be connected to the assignment criteria following APA style. An introduction is expected providing a brief look at what is planned within the body of the paper. However, no heading is used over the introduction in APA format. A Summary is used and should have a heading over it. • For all other style questions refer to the American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.) Washington, DC: Author. Observations What types of conflict did you observe? Was your leader/manager effective or ineffective in handling the conflict(s)? Give 2 specific examples of how your leader/manager’s leadership style influenced their method to handle the conflict. If you didn’t observe any conflict, describe a common conflict that occurred in your workplace. How did your manager handle the conflict and was it effective or ineffective? Give 2 specific examples of how your leader/manager’s leadership style influenced their method to handle the conflict. Reflections Briefly summarize what your initial impression would be of the Nurse Manager and how your impression of the Nurse Manager’s role has changed during this shadowing experience. Briefly describe your own leadership style and whether or not you feel that this style would complement the organization. Summarize how your manager’s leadership skills and style either complements or competes against the effectiveness of the organization. Professional Development Would you like this position?  Why or why not?  What skills would you need to develop and how would you acquire them if you were interested in this position? What types of professional development would help you develop these skills? Purchase this Tutorial.