N682 School Nursing Week 5 Discussion Choose one of the following prompts: Look at table 7.1 in chapter 7 of your textbook. Discuss standard 13 as it relates to the graduate-level-prepared school nurse. There are 4 competencies related to collaboration. Pick one, and discuss your plan to fulfill that specific competency. Be specific. ORA 5th grader is staying home from school because of Tourette syndrome. The specific tic bothering her is licking her lips and around her oral area. As described by her mother, the area is raw and red and she is embarrassed and does not want to attend school. Please educate yourself about Tourette syndrome from the textbook. Briefly describe what Tourette syndrome is. Secondly, how would you work with the student, then collaborate with her family and possibly physician, her classmates and other staff to work to get her back in school and to stay in school. Give specific details and plans for each one. What would be a reason why you could not collaborate with the physician? Your initial posting should be 250 to 350 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook. Please reply to at least two classmates. Replies to classmates should be between 150 and 200 words in length. To properly “thread” your discussion posting, please click on REPLY. Purchase this Tutorial.