The purpose of this Prezi presentation is to analyze the SWOT analysis related to a national and/or local community healthcare organization from a health care management perspective. Please use the grading rubric to create an outline of your assignment. Your assignment will be graded based on each element of the rubric. Compare each section of your presentation with the rubric to ensure all elements are covered. Then, include an introduction and conclusion to tie the presentation together. Submit a link to the presentation. A minimum of 3 references are required using APA format and include a reference page within the presentation.

Provide a description of the healthcare organization’s mission, vision, and current strategy.
Brief description of economic, environmental, healthcare trends affecting the healthcare organization.
Identify a clinical practice guideline implemented within the organization and link to a strategic plan objective.
Complete a detailed SWOT analysis of the healthcare organization (on the effectiveness of the clinical practice guideline).
Strengths of the clinical practice guideline.
Weaknesses of the clinical practice guideline.
Opportunities for the clinical practice guideline.
Threats for the clinical practice guideline.
Summarize the weaknesses identified and potential changes that might be introduced to the organization.
Submit as a Prezi presentation with citations in APA format and a slide with a list of references.