Jeanne Blum, RN, works on an LDRP unit. The premature rupturing of a laboring patient’s membranes was recently included in the policy and procedures manual for Jeanne’s unit as a practice acceptable for nurses to perform. Over lunch, Jeanne and some of her coworkers discussed their concerns about this new responsibility. They were concerned about the possibility of cord prolapse and other medical complications as a result of this practice. Jeanne gathered data from her state and many other states and discovered that her hospital was not in compliance with the practice standards of her professional organization. Jeanne informed her coworkers of this information. She offered to contact the state board of nursing on their behalf in order to obtain a declaratory statement on the nurse’s role in the initiation of premature uterine membrane rupturing. The clinical practice committee of her state board reviewed her request for a declaratory statement and gathered information from other states. The board drafted a formal declaratory statement and made it available on its website. The board sent a letter to Jeanne’s institution informing it of the declaratory statement, which stated that the task nurses were asked to perform was outside of their scope of practice under the Nurse Practice Act.

8-At what stage of the policy model does this scenario represent?