My qualitative research report analysis necessitates a thorough examination of the following issues. WHEN I WROTE MY PAPER, Is the issue well-defined and relevant to nursing or health care? Is the goal expressed clearly? Is the research question wide enough to be considered for a qualitative study? Is the study’s design in line with its qualitative methodology? Is the methodology used to collect the subjects congruent with the qualitative methodology? Is the study’s setting appropriate? Are the data gathering procedures in line with the qualitative approach’s goals? Are human subjects’ rights respected? Is there evidence of data saturation? Are the techniques for data analysis acceptable for the type of data obtained and the qualitative method? Is there enough proof of scientific rigor? Are the conclusions and ramifications reasonable and well-stated? Are there any recommendations for future research? The APA incremental format and mechanics of the work must be consistent with graduate school requirements at the University of Phoenix. A maximum of ten percent of the paper may be quoted. This is your interpretation of the writers’ statements, not a rehash of the article. The explanation of your decisions on each of these specific areas is included in the in-depth examination. It’s a rationale based on what you can learn from the existing information. If an item is unclear or incorrect in your opinion, explain why and provide research support for your decision. If you believe something is obvious, you must provide the same justification to back up your claims.