NU525 Technology and Nursing Informatics in Advanced Practice Unit 8 Discussion Reflection Please take a few moments to reflect on what you have learned in this class, what can you take from it and apply to your practice. Please review the course objectives: Analyze current and emerging technologies to support safe practice environments, and to optimize patient safety, cost-effectiveness, and health outcomes. Evaluate outcome data using current communication technologies, information systems, and statistical principles to develop strategies to reduce risks and improve health outcomes. Examine policies that incorporate ethical principles and standards for the use of health and information technologies. Apply knowledge of nursing informatics and technology to develop a proposal that will improve patient safety and/or the quality of care in a practice setting. Use information and communication technologies, resources, and principles of learning to teach others. Reflect on your existing practice, or your future practice. Explain how you feel this course has helped you achieve each of the course objectives? How will you apply this new knowledge to your professional practice?  Purchase this Tutorial.